Movement and Creativity Matter for the Development of Literacy Skills and Content Knowledge

I just returned from a whirlwind trip (Chicago to Orlando, FL to Fort Smith, AR to Boston, MA to Helendale, CA to Austin, TX and back to Chicago!). It was easily one of my crazier adventures but well worth the effort since I got a chance to meet so many inspiring colleagues.

On this past trip, I presented my work on improvisation at my Reading2Learn conference as well as the Association for Middle Level Educators Conference (AMLE). The comments and feedback that I received – from fellow teachers and their students – were both exciting and inspiring.

For example, one teacher who attended my Reading2Learn conference indicated that successfully she used the improvisation game “Pearls on a String” with her middle school students the next day as a method for teaching them about outlining for their research paper project.

I received an envelope of letters from 5th grade students at Miami Country Day School who made comments such as, “When you told us to create something like a hurricane, I had to really think about what parts were in a hurricane and what was most important.”

Another student wrote, “I loved doing improv. It was fun, but not easy. I really had to use my brain.”

And, “I love drama but I never thought that I could use drama to learn. That’s really cool.”

It is really cool when students are given the opportunity to create, move and engage in fun and meaningful ways!

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will feature a video from AMLE that demonstrates many improvisation games. And keep your eyes open for information about my upcoming December 9th conference on movement, improv, and creativity in the classroom. Registration will be open to all and I’d love to see you there.