Building Skills One Center at a Time

In six weeks, I will host my second Reading 2Learn, Literacy and Learning Center conference! In the past four years, I have been working with centers in classrooms of older students (grades 4th-12th) and it is increasingly clear that this pedagogical framework is very effective for the development of literacy skills and content knowledge for the following reasons:

  1. The combination of self-directed activities and short specific tasks lends itself to the developing adolescent. Students are able to focus, stay on task and become increasingly independent in this format.
  2. As I work in classrooms, students with special needs, in particular, report that they feel “safer” in these smaller center groups. 
  3. Since the model has a teacher led center, descriptive feedback and one-one discussions can occur more frequently.
  4. The Literacy and Learning Center(LLC) model allows for greater opportunity to differentiate instruction with older students.
  5. The introduction of the College and Career Readiness standards, like Common Core, promote the importance of students to develop greater independence in their learning. The LLC model promotes student independence through its compatibility with the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework. 
  6. Formative Assessment and student checks for understanding are compatible with the LLC model. 

In future blogs, I will share resources, both print and visual to help you get started with Literacy and Learning Centers. Of course, I am also hope to meet you at my upcoming conference. 

For more information about my upcoming conference in Orlando, click here.