Movement & Active Learning Conference in Chicagoland

The evidence is clear: K-12 students have to move to really engage in learning!

Creative and improvisational exercises, kinesthetic learning activities, imaginative play, and mindful pauses help develop interdisciplinary literacy skills and content knowledge. They also boost skills that are crucial for student learning – skills like: listening, teamwork, self-regulation, communication, idea-generation, vocabulary, and more.

No wonder this is my most popular conference topic!

Join me and my colleague Liz Krane on Friday, December 9th for a full-day PD conference in Countryside, IL. Download the brochure here; read more details and register here. Come alone or bring your friends. We’re going to have a great time – and everyone will go back to their classrooms on Monday with practical skills they can put to use right away!

Send me a message if you have any questions about the conference or need help registering. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.