Try new things to turn it around!

What do you do when:

* school achievement has dropped or flatlined?
* your struggling learners give up?
* your gifted learners are bored?
* you can’t find enough time for your on-level students?
* your classroom isn’t working as well as it used to?
* every teacher you talk to is as frustrated as you are?

You have to try new things to turn it around!

Seriously, don't just complain. Try something new. I know loads of strategies that have proven to work in classrooms just like yours – transforming uninspired classrooms into collaborative educational communitiesRegister for a conference, sign up for a webinar, or bring me to your school for some hands-on assistance.


On-site consultation and Professional Development isn't just for “failing” schools – although they do benefit greatly. The fact is, all educators benefit from professional support, access to effective strategies and research-based models, and acknowledgment for the things they’re already doing right! I have a history of working with teachers and administrations to integrate best practices in literacy instruction to turn struggling schools around, and to make good schools even better. I don’t just talk, I listen. And most importantly, I have a history of proven results!

If you have questions about any of of my conferences or would like information about bringing me to your school, please send me a quick message using the online comment form. Let’s talk.

Literacy and Learning Center Teacher Tip

As we create Literacy and Learning Centers for students, we need to remember that classroom management and organization is essential for success. In this teacher tip video, Adrienne Clerici, an 8th grade English language arts teacher from Hermosa Middle school in Farmington, NM explains how she uses baskets to keep her students organized and prepared to work.