Katie’s strategies were relevant and useful. Her presentation style was excellent. I felt like I could relate to her.
— Attendee session evaluation of Dr. McKnight's presentation: Content-Area Literacy Strategies (Gr. 6-12 - Next Steps)


We are in the midst of an important educational paradigm shift. As we transition to the Information Age, our classroom experiences must reflect this change so that we can prepare students for the 21st century. Research proves that the use of technology positively impacts students’ learning and performance. However, technology must be purposefully integrated into the classroom in order to achieve this positive impact. Join renowned educator, Katie McKnight, as she illuminates and simplifies the world of education technology. Katie introduces and demonstrates how to use Web 2.0 tools and other terrific technological aids for differentiating instruction in all subjects.

Sample Sessions: 

Bloom was Right: Aligning Technology Integrated Lessons with Bloom’s Taxonomy
Teachers, Grades K-12
As educators, we think of Bloom’s Taxonomy as the standard of our profession. Learn about lessons that integrate technology tools to help students demonstrate learning across all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. 
(60 minutes)

Technology in the Classroom: An Administrator’s Guide
Administrators, Grades K-12
Does the activity in your classrooms reflect the major changes in education that have been brought on by the Information Age? Using real examples from classrooms and schools across the country, Katie illustrates what learning with technology looks like. You'll go home with resources and plans for engaging teachers and students with the latest and most effective digital tools. 
(90 minutes)